Anywhere Anytime

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Our revised Anywhere, Anytime tickets allow you to travel Anywhere on our buses right across our Hedingham and Chambers network. 

With have a wide range of flexible ticket options to suit all including;

  • Family Day tickets - Ideal for a fabulous fun family day out visiting the many parks, waterways, sights, and attractions in Essex and Suffolk. 
  • Commuter tickets -Flexible 5 single trips, weekly and 30 day tickets bundles to suit your new flexible working patterns.
  • Student tickets - 1 or 3 term student tickets so you are always prepared for a day at school or college. 
  • Child tickets - A package of 5 single trip tickets for you to use to meet up in town with your friends after school or at the weekends. 


Anywhere Day 

Adult Day  £8 
16 - 19 Day  £7
Child Day  £6
Family Day *  £12

Prices quoted are only available on our app. When bought on the bus, the ticket prices are slightly higher that those quoted.

* 1 adult & up to 4 children or 2 adults & up to 3 children travelling together in a group - not available before 0900 on schooldays.


Ideal for Commuters and Students 

Anywhere Weekly 

Adult Weekly £35
16 - 19 weekly  £30
Child Weekly  £27

Anywhere 30 Days *

Adult 30 Day  £99
16 - 19 30 Day  £99
Child 30 Day  £99

*These tickets are only able to purchase on our app 


Single Tickets 

We've introduced single and 5 single trip ticket bundles so you can travel as you wish on our buses

Adult Single  £4.60
Adult 5 Trip  £23
Child Single  £3.50
Child 5 Trip  £15.20
16-19 Single     £4.00
16-19 5 Trip


How do I buy an Anywhere ticket?

Buy in advance on our website, or our Hedingham and Chambers app or on the bus using your Contactless payment card.  


What area does Hedingham cover?

The network includes Colchester, Wivenhoe, University of Essex, Earls Colne, Halstead, Clacton, West Mersea, Walton on the Naze, Southminister, and many more places in between. 

What area does Chambers cover?

The network includes Colchester, West Bergholt, Long Melford, Sudbury, Bures, Bury St Edmunds, Clare, Nayland, Leavenheath and many more places in between.

Take a look at our Network map