Autumn Timetable Changes

4 months ago Fri 6th Aug 2021

Our new route timetables are now available to view on this page ( click on the relevant links) but please note that the live journey planner will not update with the new times until Sunday 5th September 2021. 

Printed timetables will be available from Wednesday 1st September 2021 


Here is a summary of the changes which will apply from Sunday 5th September 

Many of these routes are within our Clacton Rocks or Seasiders fare zone 

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Route 4: Clacton – Jaywick – Clacton

During the daytime, route 4 will run up to every 15 to 20 minutes and there will be a revised service to Morrisons on journeys leaving Jaywick between 0915 and 1250, returning from there between 0935 and 1310.

An earlier Sunday morning journey will also run at 09:03 between Clacton – Jaywick – Clacton

Route 5/5A: Clacton – Flatford Drive- Clacton

There will be some small timing changes to journeys but in particular the current 1543 (route 5) journey on Mondays to Saturdays will run 10 minutes earlier and run as route 5A via Saxstead Drive.

Route 6: Clacton – St Osyth – Point Clear

On Mondays to Saturdays, the following journeys will alter 

  • 0935 Point Clear to Clacton will run via St Osyth Beach
  • 1223 journey from Clacton will run to St Osyth Beach and will not go to Point Clear.
  • 1250 journey from Point Clear will run instead from St Osyth Beach.
  • 1823 journey from Clacton and 1850 journey from Point Clear will no longer run.

6A and 6B will remain the same.

Route 7: Clacton – Great Clacton – St Osyth Beach

During the winter,  the current route 7 journeys will run with some additional journeys to St Osyth Beach on route 6.

  • 0725 Legerton Drive to Clacton, Pier Avenue (via Constable Avenue) – Mondays to Fridays
  • 1650 Clacton, Pier Avenue to St Osyth Beach (via Constable Avenue) – Mondays to Saturday

Route 136/137

  • Bus services leaving between 1400 and 1600 hours and the 1734 (137) journey from Pier Avenue will now only run as far as Stephenson Road and these journeys will no longer operate:

  • 0732 137 Stephenson Road to Clacton, Pier Avenue
  • 0757 136 Clacton, Pier Avenue to Stephenson Road
  • 0858 137 Brook Retail Park to Clacton Pier Avenue

The Clacton Breeze will return to the yard for a well-earnt rest this autumn and will plan to return to our seafront once again in May 2022, ready for the summer season. 

View our Clacton Rocks timetable from 5th September. 


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Route 74: Colchester to Clacton 

  • 1614 journey from Colchester to Clacton will now start at 1619.

Route X76:

There are changes to some of the times on this journey, with the 0806 journey from Jaywick, leaving Clacton Pier Avenue at 0832 for Colchester will now run on all Mondays to Saturdays.  

The 1502 journey from Clacton at 1502 will run 15 minutes later on schooldays and most journeys during the daytime will no longer run between Jaywick and Clacton.

Route 4 will instead provide most journeys between those points.

View our Colchester to Clacton timetable from 5th September 2021 

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Route 97 and 98

The 0642 iourney on route 98 from Walton to Clacton has minor adjustments to its journey time and extra journeys will run to Walton and Frinton on new routes 97B (from Stephenson Road and Burrs Road) and 99A (from Stephenson Road via Little Clacton and Thorpe-le-Soken)

View our Walton on the Naze timetable from 5th September 2021


Image of sigma sixth form

Sigma Sixth Form, Jaywick Lane

These academic year, we will now run buses to Sigma Sixth Form

To check our bus times and fares, click here 

Timetables on Routes 3 (Clacton-Harwich), 134 (Holland Haven-Clacton), 135 (Clacton-Bockings Elm), 98A (Clacton to Walton) or 99 (Walton on the Naze – Clacton, via Thorpe le Soken) will remain the same.

Image for Chambers Boomerang

Chambers Boomerang 

Route 84

The 1550 journey from Norman Way schools will leave 5 minutes earlier at 1545. 

This bus will continue to leave Colchester Osborne Street at 1605.

Route 375

On schooldays this route will run from Sudbury, Springlands Homebase Roundabout at 0726 and run via Long Melford, Shimpling, Lawshall, Hawstead Green, Nowton to Bury St Edmunds, King Edward VI School and St Benedicts & County Upper Schools.

The afternoon journey will leave King Edward VI school at 1545 and then run via St Benedicts & County Upper Schools at 1555 and West Suffolk College at 1600 returning via the same villages to Sudbury, Springlands Homebase Roundabout.

Route 751

The 0729 journey from Great Cornard will run  to Springlands, Homebase Roundabout (0737) but will now run via A134 to Long Melford.  (This journey will no longer run via Waldingfield Road, Sudbury Bus Station or A131 Melford Road). 

The journey will leave Long Melford Post Office at 0748 and then run up to 10 minutes earlier than present. 

In Bury St Edmunds,this journey will now run via West Suffolk Hospital.

The afternoon journey will run as the existing timetable until Long Melford, Post Office and then run direct via A134 to Springlands, Homebase Roundabout before continuing to Great Cornard.

(This journey will no longer run via A131 Melford Road, Sudbury Bus Station or Waldingfield Road).

Route 752 

This route is cancelled.

Route 753 

The 0653 schooldays only journey from Bures will no longer run via Stanningfield or Great Whelnetham and will depart Sicklesmere Post Office at 0810.

All other routes will remain the same. 

View our Boomerang timetable from 5th September 

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