Clacton Bus Users Survey

5 months ago Wed 24th Jan 2024

Clacton's MP Giles Watling has launched a survey to hear your concerns, suggestions, and thoughts on what the region's bus services could do to improve and where investment should be channelled in terms of public transport in the region.

We are urging all our bus users to have their say and help to improve investment in public transport within the region.

Message from Giles

I have received much correspondence from residents regarding bus services in our constituency, covering a range of topics. In 2024 I want to do more to examine what can be done about local bus services, including involving local stakeholders and businesses to explore all solutions. With the new Freeport opening up the road, I think it's important that the local community feels the benefit of investment and sees an improvement in services to match this. 

I need your help to do this: if you use the local buses services - or if you don't - I want your thoughts and feedback, so that I can examine how best to proceed. If you have a few moments please fill in the survey below to share your thoughts.

All data is processed in accordance with GDPR and my Data Protection and Privacy Policy, which you can read at

Thank you for your involvement - together, let's get the bus service that our constituency deserves.

Take part in the survey here

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