Clacton Rocks

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There's so much to see and do...

Walks on the beach and seafront in Clacton Roar on over to Jurassic Pier
Clacton Rocks Shopping


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Big Wheel

Ride the Big Wheel at Clacton Pavilion

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A Town full of History

Explore Clacton's history, arts and culture

Amusements at Clacton Pier

Amusements at Clacton Pier 

Spend time on the 2p machines and arcade games at Clacton Pier.

West Cliff Theatre

A world of entertainment

Watch a show at one of the many great theatres in Clacton

Where do our buses go?

Where do our buses go within the Clacton Rocks Zone

Staying in Clacton, here are a list of the buses you should catch from your holiday or caravan park !

Holiday Camps within Clacton Rocks

How much does it cost to travel? 

Any single bus fare currently costs just a maximum of £2. This is part of the Government's £2 fare scheme to help with the cost of living   Read More 

We have Adult, 16-19, Child and Family Day, Weekly and 30 day tickets available to buy on the app, online or on our website.

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How do I purchase tickets?

You can buy tickets online, on the Hedingham and Chambers app or on the bus with contactless payment card.

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Clacton Town Map