Concessionary Travel

Image of a older couple enjoying their bus journey

Concessionary Travel 

Free travel is available for all local residents at a pensionable age or register disabled with a concessionary bus pass. 

Free travel times 

Free travel is available from 9am in Essex and 9.30am in Suffolk, Monday to Friday and all day at the weekends. Some areas may differ so please check with your local council for the latest information. 

Further information for each area below:


Passes which have a 'C+' symbol in the top right hand corner are allowed a companion to travel free with them.

Please note that only English passes (with the rose symbol) are valid on our buses. Scottish and Welsh passes are not accepted.

How does it work?

Place your concession pass onto the red card reader next to our drivers as you board the bus. You will hear a beep and a green light will be displayed. No ticket is issued. Don't forget to use the hand sanitiser and safely take your seat.