Changes to our fares from Sunday 22nd May

3 months ago Thu 12th May 2022

Like many other commercial businesses, we are having to increase our fares from Sunday 22nd May 2022 because of rising costs.

  • Many single and return tickets will increase by 20p and 60p.
  • Many weekly tickets will increase by about £1.50 to £2. 

Many Hedingham fares have not increased since 2017 and the last time we changed fares in Clacton was in July 2018 when we reduced the price of child, day, and week tickets.

These low fares encouraged more people to travel by bus until the pandemic struck but unfortunately now we must increase our prices for our services to cover their costs.

The best value tickets still remain on our app, where prices will be frozen for now as we wish to encourage more people to use the app when they travel, thus helping to speed up boarding and providing you with a better service. 

Kid for a Quid Offer

The £1 fare for under 20s in Clacton will be discontinued, but in its place will launch a WEEKLY £10 ticket for under 16s* or £12 for 16-19s, meaning that those who travel more often wont pay anymore for their travel.

Individual single and return tickets will offer a discount of a third to under 16s and 20% to 16-19s.

* under 16 means under 16 on the previous 31st August, so the child discount is available throughout year 11.

Hedingham & Chambers Family tickets to become Group Tickets for the summer season 

Family Tickets will be renamed Group tickets for the Summer season and will be valid for up to Any 5 people to travel together by bus.  This does not apply to all operator tickets such as Colchester Borough Card and Essex Sunday Saver

We hope this will encourage more groups of people to use the bus instead of taking the car when they head out and about 

This offer will run until the 3/9/22 and the Group return ticket price offer will be based on 10% off two adult return tickets. 

New Seasiders Group Weekly ticket - Only £42

Introductory summer offer available until 03/9/22. 

Better for your Pocket 

Weekly travellers can also redeem 50% off a weekly ticket as part of a new loyalty campaign – Better for your Pocket – as passengers are rewarded for their regular travel.

Onward bound

A £1 single fare will be available between Clacton Rail Station and Clacton Town Centre to take visitors into town


New Fares from Sunday 22nd May 2022

Image of Clacton Rocks



  Day  Weekly
Group#/Family 6.40  
Adult  4.30 14.00
16 - 19 3.50 12.00
Child 3.00 10.00

# Until 3rd September, Any 5 people can use the group ticket when travelling together 


Image of Seasiders

  Day  Week 30 Day
Group#/Family 11.00 42.00  
Adult 7.00 22.00 65.00
16 - 19 5.70 17.50 52.00
Child  4.70 14.00 42.00

# Until 3rd September, Any 5 people can use the group ticket when travelling together 


Walton and Clacton Rocks Zone 

Adult  5.50
16 - 19 4.40
Child 3.60


Other fares information 

  • Child weekly tickets will be available for routes 16, 16A, 19 and 95A which will help speed up boarding and assist in keeping the buses to time. 
  • Monthly tickets will become 30 day tickets to match our tickets on the Hedingham and Chambers app. 
  • Due to low sales the following point to point tickets will be removed; monthly tickets on the 63/63A and 89X, and weekly tickets on the X76. Alternative zonal tickets are available at a comparable price. 
  • Fares will be simplified where different fares are charged between the same points on different routes. 

Point to point fares on Essex County Council supported routes 21, 345 ,40, 50/50A/50B, 69/69A, 77/77A, 79, 84B, 85, D1 and D1, and school routes 901-4/10, are not affected by these fares changes