Inspire Inclusion! International Women's Day 2024

1 month ago Fri 1st Mar 2024


8th March 2024 marks International Women’s Day – a day to celebrate diversity in the workplace and encourage further commitment to ensure that women feel comfortable, included and supported in any working or social environment.

Traditionally, the bus industry has been thought of as a male-dominated environment, but we are striving to change that. Having increased the number of female colleagues by one fifth in 2022 from 10% to 12%, it is our Go Ahead’s , who own Go East Anglia goal to increase female representation to 20% by 2025. In Go East Anglia, which comprises Konectbus in Norfolk and Hedingham and Chambers in Suffolk and Essex, we set the same target in 2019 when we had 11.5% female representation. Today, we stand at 16.8% which is around a 50% increase since the objective was set! This is a great achievement, and we are looking to push it further!

The theme of International Women’s Day 2024 is Inspire Inclusion and Go East Anglia is looking to do just that! The women currently working with us are employed in a wide range of roles including bus drivers, shunters, Operations Managers and Senior Managers. A diverse workplace is happier workplace, and we are actively recruiting! We would love to attract more women into our workforce and you never know – a career in bus driving or engineering might just be the right route for you

We are flexible and will aim to provide the right shift for you which may include:
-    Weekend-only shifts
-    School bus duties (meaning time off in the holidays!)
-    Late night shifts

We also have new bus services starting from May, which means there are even more opportunities to take advantage of!

We are also fully commited to supporting our parent company The Go - Ahead Group in their mission to recruit 1500 bus drivers into its local bus operating company, whom we are one, by 2025.

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GO AHEAD International Women's Day 2024 VIDEO from The Go-Ahead Group on Vimeo.


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We can’t wait to meet you and #inspireinclusion throughout 2024 and beyond!