Network Changes - Wednesday 3rd January 2024

2 months ago Wed 13th Dec 2023

From Tuesday 2nd January, we have made the decision to withdraw the following services: 

Clacton Town

Route 7 - St Osyth Beach to Clacton

Alternative Route Options: Route 4 from Jaywick, Martello Beach Park and Routes 6/6A/6B & 74 from St Osyth Village to Clacton

Route 8/8A  - Clacton to Bockings Elm

Alternative Route Options: Routes 3, 5/5A, 6 & 74 between Clacton and Bockings Elm (via St Osyth Road), Routes 6A/6B for Peter Bruff Ave and Constable Ave and Routes 6A/6B, 76/76X & 136/137 between Clacton and Great Clacton/Howard Vyse Court (Fire Station Roundabout)

Download the new timetable 


Route 89X - ​​​​​Braintree to Sudbury

Alternative Route Options:  We will still be running our full timetable on Route 89 between Braintree and Halstead

Download the new Halstead and Braintree timetable


Route 237 - Sudbury to Stour Valley Community School 

  • Due to low usage this route will be withdrawn. Please use route 236 instead, which will be operated by a larger double decker bus to ensure passengers have a seat. Passengers boarding in Great Waldingfield and Acton should get in touch with the school who will liaise with us about possible alternatives. 

From Wednesday 3rd January, we will also be making changes to many of our Sudbury to Bury St Edmunds routes to help aid reliability and improve punctuality. 

Download the new Bury St Edmunds to Sudbury to Colchester timetable  ( formally Boomerang)

Those affected include: 

Route 236 - Sudbury to Clare 

  • The 0709 journey from Great Cornard  will now commence from Sudbury Bus Station at 0718. On schooldays this journey will terminate at Stour Valley Community School. The 0650 journey from Sudbury  will operate 4 minutes earlier. The 0753 from Stour Valley Community School  will now depart at 0755. 

Route 373 - Sudbury - Glemsford - Bury St Edmunds 

  • The journey  will depart Sudbury Bus Station at 0713. 

Route 374 - Clare to Bury St Edmunds 

  • The 0726 journey from Clare  will depart at 0723. We encourage pupils to try find a seat upstairs before standing downstairs, please be considerate of other passengers and remove bags from seats. 
  • The 1545 journey will depart Bury St Edmunds Bus Station will now depart at 1538 (1555 County Upper/St Benedicts, 1615 West Suffolk College, 1618 The Arc). This journey will now miss out County Lower and West Suffolk Hospital.

Route 375 - Sudbury to Bury St Edmunds, serving Shimpling

  • The schoolday-only journeys have changed, In the mornings we encourage St Benedict’s pupils to catch route 751 from A134 Sicklesmere Road (Curlews Footpath and Old Gaol bus stops), which is extended to St Benedict’s School. This will help reduce the number of standees on route 375 who are able to get a spare seat on route 751. 

Route 750/753 - Bury St Edmunds to Sudbury, serving Long Melford

  • The 1500 from Bury St Edmunds on schooldays-only will miss out Stanningfield to ensure a prompt arrival at Bury St Edmunds. The 1604 journey from West Suffolk College (schooldays-only) has been retimed and will now depart at 1609. 

Route 751 - Great Cornard - Sudbury - Bury St Edmunds

  • Both journeys have been retimed. The morning journey will depart Great Cornard at 0725 and will be extended to St Benedict’s School to cater for pupils in the Nowton Estate. 

Route 716 Bildeston – Thomas Gainsborough School

  • Both journeys have been retimed. The route will commence/terminate in Bildeston at the B1115/High Street/Bildeston Road junction. This change is due to difficulties manoeuvring in the Square due to parked cars. 

Route 757/758 Clare – Thomas Gainsborough School

  • The 0803 758 journey from Clare will now depart from Stour Valley Community School at 0800 but be renumbered as a route 757 journey. The morning 757 journey will operate along Northern Road and Shawlands Avenue to ensure a prompt arrival at TGS. The route number ‘758’ will no longer exist.

Contract School Bus SVX (Sible Hedingham - Steeple Bumpstead - Stour Valley School)

The morning journey will operate 5 minutes earlier. 

Our interactive timetables and journey planners will be updated by 28 December. 

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