Car vs Bus - Switch and Save!

1 month ago Fri 1st Mar 2024

Lady shocked at the cost of car insurance The UK has been experiencing a cost-of-living crisis since late 2021 and, although inflation has dropped from 11.1% in October 2022 to 5.1% in January 2024, this does not mean that prices are falling – just that they are rising less quickly. If you are feeling the pinch this year, you are not alone!

According to, the cost of car insurance has risen by a whopping 58% over the last 12 months, averaging an increase of £366 over the last year. For new drivers, the cost is even more eye-watering – even with a black box, the average cost of insurance for 17-19 year olds is over £1700!

This increase is also affecting rail fares, which will rise by 4.9% in March – even faster than inflation. So how can you save on essential travel? We have the answer – travel by bus!

With the government’s £2 fare scheme, you can travel on Hedingham and Chambers routes for only £2 one-way, no matter how far you are going, without having to worry about other costs or stresses such as finding a parking space or paying for fuel. Equally, if you are a new driver, you can get great value by travelling by bus while you save for your own car or insurance.

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As a comparison

On a typical week in February 2024, a rail commute between Clacton and Colchester to arrive before 9am and leave after 5pm would cost on average £14.20 per day.

Taking the Hedingham and Chambers 74/76/76X between Clacton and Colchester works out at just £4 return, saving you £11.20 against the train.

If you are a more frequent traveller, you could save even more with a Seasiders Adult Weekly ticket, which costs just £26 and gives you the freedom to travel to other places on the network, such as Harwich, Maldon, Braintree and Halstead.

If you fancy a trip out to the beach or a shopping excursion with your family, a Seasiders Family Day ticket has you covered – for £11.90, up to 2 adults and 3 children (or 1 adult and 4 children) can travel all day and under 5s travel free!

For more information on Hedingham and Chambers ticket prices click Fares & tickets - Hedingham and Chambers  or download the H&C app to see how we can save you money!