Short notice cancellations on certain routes

3 months ago Thu 28th Apr 2022

We are very sorry but from Thursday 28th April 2022, we need to let you know that there are a number of journeys which we will probably be unable to operate because of the general shortage of bus drivers made worse by sickness.

We would strongly recommend that you re-plan your travel to avoid these journeys, as they will probably not run.

We have endeavoured to cancel journeys where there is an alternative departure operating within a reasonable period of time.

Unlike the service reductions that we introduced in the autumn, which are mainly still in place, and which we expected to be longer term, these cancellations are for a short period only.

We are importing drivers from elsewhere to plug the shortfall at our local depot for as long as it is necessary. We will tell you when these journeys are no longer at risk of cancellation.

A small number of other journeys will also be operating a few minutes later.


The journeys on Mondays to Fridays which will probably not operate are as follows:-


Route 3

1143, 1605, 1808 ex Clacton

1242, 1705, 1905 ex Harwich


Route 4

0725, 0758 (X76), 0820 Clacton to Jaywick

0733, 0803 (X76), 0828 Jaywick to Clacton


Route 5/5A

0740 Flatford Dr to Clacton

0757 and 1003 Clacton to Flatford Dr & rtn (the 1033 will run as a 5A)

1333 and 1433 Clacton to Flatford Dr & rtn


Route X76

0806  Jaywick to Colchester

0949 Colchester to Clacton

1603 Weeley to Colchester

1655 Colchester to Clacton (starts at 1756 from Clacton to Jaywick)


Route 98, 99A

0612 99A      Stephenson Road to Walton

0642 98        Walton to Clacton

0844 97        Clacton to Walton

0927 97        Walton to Clacton

1804 98        Clacton to Walton


Route 137

1534  Clacton to Clacton - this journey starts as a number 4 from Sigma and a change of bus will be necessary for students in the town centre.

We thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding at this time.