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5 months ago Mon 29th Jan 2024

Image of a older couple enjoying their bus journey

Growing older is not a choice we get in life so why not embrace the benefits which come our way and Think Bus!

At Hedingham and Chambers Bus, we are urging all those born in 1957 or earlier to claim their free concessionary bus pass or renew one that has expired with your local council.

With the cost of living getting even more expensive and not to mention fuel and your weekly shop, there’s never been a better time to make the most of a FREE bus pass.

If you find yourself entertaining your grandchildren at weekends or in the school holidays, children under 5 can travel for free and young people receive a discount on their fare. 

There are so many wonderful places to explore across our beautiful region. And, for some, travelling by bus is about more than getting from A to B, it’s about connecting with others.

Seeing and speaking with people can play a vital role in combating loneliness, and we’re pleased we can help with that and open a whole new world of travel opportunities.

In England you qualify for a free bus pass when you reach state pension age and you save money on all services after 9am in Essex and 9.30am in Suffolk on weekdays and all day at the weekends and bank holidays.  

Some rural services even allow travel before 9.30am but be sure to check before you board.

If you choose to travel earlier, you will receive a reduced fare of £2 for an adult single. ( Mondays to Fridays)

There are plenty of reasons to Think Bus so make the most of your FREEedom…but only if you have your bus pass

Click on the links below to apply online for your bus pass. 

For Suffolk County Council or call 0345 600 0659

For Essex County Council  or call 0345 200 0388

Alternatively you can pick up a form from your local library. 

Please note that Concessionary Bus Passes can only be applied for from Suffolk or Essex County Council and not direct with Hedingham and Chambers Bus